What is BTC-Bandit.com?

BTC-Bandit is an online multiplayer game where u can steal coins from other players. The more players that join btc-bandit, the more coins will be generated in the network. BTC-Bandit.com uses his own token (BCB). The value of 1 BCB is equivalent to the value of .8 Bitcoin Satoshi. Withdrawals will be processed manually by the administrator after checking if no cheats where used. Site will be updated frequently.

Daily Login Bonus: You earn 100 extra Bonus Coins + 2 stars when logging in the next day! Stars can be used to store your coins in the vault or buy turbo's which will improve your captcha speed.

Referrals: You earn 10% extra Bonus Coins for every active bandit you bring into the network!

Have fun stealing @ BTC-Bandit.com!

Any questions? Contact me!; email: admin@btc-bandit.com

BTC Donations : 15UAEycCAfMg3mgKMgJ4Nvbx1wNSMo3RF9